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Breeding issues of both the mare and stallion (live cover), stallion handling, pregnancy of the mare, signs of impending foaling, foaling complications (dystocia), post-partum care of the mare and foal.

Experience in the area

Breeding, raising, training and showing of Appaloosas and American Miniature horses for 16 years. Barn/breeding manager of a large Appaloosa race farm for 6 years.


Member in good standing with: ApHC (Appaloosa Horse Club) AMHA (American Miniature Horse Association) AMHR ( American Miniature Horse Registry) FHANA ( Friesian Horse Associaton of North America)


Veterinary assistant for 4 years. I have attended numerous educational seminars on equine reproduction.
Currently employed as a Humane Law Enforcement officer.

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Recent Answers from Sandy Sargent

2015-05-06 Could mare be pregnant ?:

Hi Kate,    I guess it would depend on when the colt was gelded.  How late in the year?  If he was gelded later in the summer, I'd say he definitely could have bred his dam before he was gelded.  Was he

2013-10-10 Possibly pregnant mare:

I may have confused you when I said her big belly could be due to having so many foals and being broken down.  What I meant is:  Her belly could be so big at only 6 months pregnant due to being broken

2013-10-08 Possibly pregnant mare:

Hi Stephanie,     Yes, a mare will come into heat around 7-10 days after foaling and can get pregnant at that time.  A lot of breeders will breed their mares on what is called the "foal heat" in order

2013-07-07 Why is my andalusian pure spanish horse like this?Is he suitable to breed?:

Hi Nick,    Your horse's coat color sounds typical for an Andalusian.  If you were to search the web and look at photos of Andalusians, your guy looks like a lot of the others out there.  The breed characteristic

2013-07-01 rescue mare possibly pregnant:

Hi Suzi,    In my experience from owning both "big" horses and miniature horses, a mini cannot breed a full size horse.  It's just not physically possible.  Horses won't lay down for breeding like dogs


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