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Chris Cantrell

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Typically answer questions about basic obedience and search and rescue training for any types/breeds of dogs. I DO NOT answer questions regarding any health related issues. I DO NOT PROMISE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OTHER THAN THE AREAS I HAVE LISTED. If you are going to ask a question I do expect to get sufficient information. I cannot make any promises that I can answer your question if it is a behavioral issue because you have to be around the animal to properly evaluate what the animal is or is not doing so do not expect a miracle through email.

Experience in the area

Chief of local rescue squad. I have 2 trained K-9's. One is trained for live, cadaver and HRD. The second is trained for live search and in training currently for cadaver and HRD. Formerly trained Police K-9's for Patrol, protection and Narcotics.


Alabama Association of Rescue Squads, North American Search Dog Alliance


NASAR, AARS, Alabama Fire College

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milena04/07/15Thank you.

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2015-08-24 Separation Anxiety Expressed by Chewing:

It sounds like you have tried everything that you can. If you truly feel that it is separation anxiety then it will take much more work and may be instilled to the point that there is no correcting it

2015-08-24 Separation Anxiety Expressed by Chewing:

This will probably take some homework. How does she respond to being scolded.

2015-03-24 Disobedient?:

Dogs are either food or toy motivated. I also say that they may be praise motivated. If you have started this since day one then unfortunately you are probably stuck with it. It is simple logistics either

2014-12-29 5 yr old lab fetch problem!:

If the dog is already an adult then usually they are set in their ways. Dogs are either food or toy motivated. Some may also be praise motivated. But I would not say that an adult dog would have much success

2014-06-05 Leash training:

First of all you do not "break" a dog. You train them. Him being 4 years old and never having had you or anyone else as a "pack leader" may mean that the dog cannot be trained to walk on a leash. What


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