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I'm happy to help with all obedience and training related questions. Although I work as a trainer solving behavioral issues, I do not feel comfortable providing advice or suggestions for aggression, resource guarding, phobias or other behavioral problems without evaluating a dog in person, those are areas where I believe a personal consultation is necessary.

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I have been training dogs professionally since 2008. In 2009 I graduated with honors from Animal Behavior College and have also completed their Shelter Dog Program. I teach group classes and conduct in-home training sessions.


I am an ABCD-T (Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer) and am working towards my CPDT.

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Recent Answers from Sarah Maki

2016-11-25 training:

Hi Joan!    I also have three dogs and we always train new behaviors/cue separately to begin with. The distraction of siblings is just too great, especially for a puppy! I would suggest giving the older

2016-11-22 Potty training:

Hi Jared!    Consistency is of course best in any area of dog training, but life happens!     8 hours is a long time to ask your pup to go without a potty break, so if pads are the only option I suggest

2016-09-18 Dog Barking:

Hi Jess!    It sounds like Echo is doing some attention-seeking barking, or "bossy barking". When he barks at you, you respond (of course, it's loud!) and even if that response is telling him to be quiet

2016-09-01 Pulling on Walks:

Hi Glenn!    First thing to address is the sort of equipment your dog is walking on. Collars of any sort won't help with pulling, you want a front clip harness or a head collar. I generally recommend the

2016-08-30 Frequent potty issues:

Although I never like to contradict a vet's advice, I would start with rationing water. He can have as much as he needs, just in a more controlled fashion. Put down a cup and if he gulps that he needs


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