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i can help with trying to rank up in multiplayer stratiges for beating a level. i can help with controller related hints and tips or with finding whos host. i can answer from the very large to the simplest questions. i am also very knowlagible about how to play certain gametypes.

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have played the game modded it and anylised it quite a bit


school paper. i also have a feed for gaming related info.


high schooler.

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Gabriel08/09/08101010Thanks dude! I apologize for the delayed .....
Evan10/09/061010Thanks for the answer.

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2007-10-14 Halo 3 campaign mode questions:

1:  Well plasma weapons both in campaign and multiplayer take down the shields faster then there human counter-parts but the lack of a reload and the fact they overheat is an issue for multiple enemy skirmishes

2006-10-08 how the level system works:

if you lag out but your team finishes and wins it counts as a win. if your team loses then its a loss. if everyone on the other team quits then its a win for your team regardless of the current score.


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