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I can answer questions on the racing and rehoming section of greyhounds. I, and my family, have raced and rehomed greyhounds since i was 14 and i am now a active member of the Retired Greyhound Trust. Sorry no serious medical questions.

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I have raced greyhound since i was a teenager i own greyhounds now and am a member of the Retired Greyhound Trust which promotes and educates people in rehoming greyhounds.


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Greyhounds are the third fastest animal on land.

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Mike06/14/09101010Thank you very much, its as I .....
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Recent Answers from Claire

2009-12-17 feeding of racing greyhound:

Hi,    Thanks for your message. Protein and carbohydrates are the most important aspect of a racing greyhounds diet. We have never gone wrong using a dried food specially formulated for greyhounds (protein

2009-09-04 Science:

Hi Wyatt, there is really no straight answer for this it all depends on the greyhound. I have seen, for instance, a bitch win a race then the next week she will be beaten by a dog. It goes on bloodlines

2009-06-08 13 yr old retired greyhound:

Hello Mike, Thank you for your question and I do apologize for the delay in replying. We also have a retired greyhound of the same age and like yours his back end occasionally gives way on him. We sought

2009-05-31 rabbits!:

Hi Jessica,         Thank you for your question, it's great to hear you are looking to adopt a retired greyhound. The main problem with greyhounds and 'furry' creatures is that that is what they have been

2009-04-21 Racing:

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your question. I am happy for you to use my advice in your work please bear in mind the answer for question four will not be 100% fact as we will never know the true goings on behind


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