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I can answer any questions a Boxer owner might have concerning genetics, breeding, gestation, whelping, personality, character traits, health, needs and requirements, and family dynamics, including aggression and behavioral issues, including other pets in the household. I can help with aggression modification. PLEASE RATE MY ANSWER. I RESEARCH AND DONATE MY TIME FOR THE CAUSE OF ALL BOXERS' WELL BEING. DO NOT ASK ME IF YOU DO NOT RATE THE ANSWER. ASK ANOTHER EXPERT IF YOU DO NOT RATE. If you do not rate-- I must ban you from my expertise.

Experience in the area

I have over ten years as a owner and breeder, early training, and behavior modification.

Organizations, Boxers Breeders Association, Boxer Rescue Austin Chapter,


Boxer owner, breeder, and trainer.

What do you like about this subject?

I've owned many breeds, finding that the Boxer is entirely different. They don't know they are canine; believing they are human. Boxer owners will believe they are human too.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Educating Boxer owners in order to have a happy and successful life living with a Boxer

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Boxers are the "clown" of all breeds. They are "puppies" up in their years-- even up to the end of their life cycle.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

They are playful, devoted and loving, loyal and obedient, and good family protectors. They are NOT guard dogs, but more of an "ALERT" dog, unless family is threatened. Don't expect a Doberman attitude from a Boxer.

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Recent Answers from Jannie Balliett

2015-08-31 Boxer Puppy appears too skinny:

If you had him dewormed-- you were at your vet's office?    Did the vet say anything about his weight and ribs showing?    I can't tell you much without knowing exactly what you feed him, and to be sure

2015-05-02 Discharge from 1 yr. old female boxer vagina:

"How is it diagnosed?  Dogs that are seen early in the disease may have a slight vaginal discharge and show no other signs of illness. However, most dogs with pyometra are not seen until later in the illness

2015-04-03 Boxer bitch aggression:

First, she is deaf. That is one problem. She cannot hear the sounds of other dogs to know their intentions, etc.     She has an aggressive nature as a defense due to her handicap.    This is normal.  

2015-04-01 black spots on boxer mix:

Meagan,    I cannot answer the outcome on "Dewey" because I know nothing about the dog or its condition. How would I know unless I read the same as you did, in which I have not?    As far as your Boxer-mix

2015-01-06 aggresive girl:

Interbreeding does not cause behavior issues. It cause physical conditions such as a deformity like clef palate, etc.    If your son got her as a puppy-- then, he, or you as his mother (if your son is


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