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Rescue questions, general behavior, coat colors, sizes, and general information. I cannot provide detailed medical answers but can share some experiences.

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I have worked with dachshund rescue for over 4 years and rescued about 300 dachshunds, have owned dachshunds all my life, and have worked with special needs, puppy mills dogs, and other breeds as well.



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Recent Answers from Cindy

2015-10-21 Lump:

We have older dogs with fatty tumors.  I was told they were harmless but the hip lump would not develop that fast that I know of.  If that lump is gone, it might have been shots  but I would worry too

2015-07-02 Allergic reactions requiring E. R. trips:

Get her tested at the vet if you can to see what she is allergic to.  I have a pie that gets allergic reactions so during summer he has to wear a doggie t-shirt when he goes out or he breaks out in welts

2015-05-03 feediing:

First, she is a teewnie.  She is cute!  1/2 cup is not too bad of an amount if she is not overweight and is active.  I do not feed that much but most of mine are seniors and not active.  Back issues can

2015-03-09 eating:

I have 8 and they all think they hungry!  I feed twice a day.  It really depends on how much she should weigh and what she looks like.  Is her tummy hugh?  You feed a whole cup dry food a day - that is

2015-01-17 Best Guidelines on feeding:

Changing diet slowly is the key.  You are feeding a lot, but it is up to you.  I never go by recommended amounts or all mine would be blimps, most of them are at a good weight or a tiny bit rotund.  Try


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