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Health, show potential, breeding, about anything to do with shar-pei, I can answer.

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20 years experience showing and breeding shar-pei, and 40 years experience in other breeds. Worked as a vet technician also.


Veterinary technician, dog groomer, trainer, exhibitor

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Produced a shar-pei that became #3 in the country, beginning of 2003.

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robin morris08/20/09101010she was great

Recent Answers from Judi Todd

2014-04-10 Significant hair loss on inside back leg:

Terry, thank you for sticking with this girl even tho she seems to have issues that could have chased some people away from keeping her.  Firstly, I don't think this is demodectic mange, but could be allergies

2013-03-14 Large bump on back leg with pus:

This is more than likely a condition called "mucinosis".  Mucin is the substance that fills the wrinkles in the shar-pei and makes them wrinkly.  Some shar-pei "over-produce" this, and it causes mucinosis

2012-12-09 hair loss:

There are several things this could be.      1. Hypo-thyroidism, which is not uncommon in some breeds, including shar-pei.  A blood test for this will give you answers.  Even a "low/normal" reading can

2012-07-21 losing her coat:

Thank you very much for the rating.  I enjoy trying to help people with their shar-pei.  As long as you have a shar-pei, I'm going to recommend you google "Dr. Jeffrey Vidt".  He is one of two leading

2012-07-12 Shar-Pei itchy skin, and rash...possible food allergies:

Claudia, this does sound like possible food allergies.  Sometimes, even hypo-allergenic foods sometimes contain things that irritate shar-pei, even moreso than other breeds.   What I am going to recommend


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