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I can answer general questions relating to alternative religions, mediumship, the psychic, the tarot, or UFOs.

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I have written books on reincarnation, channeling, and spirit contact. I have done personal study in topics as UFOs, hauntings, and the tarot.


United Lodge of Theosophy Universal Faithists of Kosmon


FATE Magazine The Anomalist magazine Understanding Cults and Spiritual Movements (journal)


I have a Masters degree in theological studies. I've also taken classes at Chesterfield Seminary, a Spiritualist school in Chesterfield, IN.

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tinisha06/04/15101010Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated .....
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Recent Answers from Joel Bjorling

2015-11-14 How to tell if a psychic is real or fake?:

Psychics and mediums have been tested and studied by scientists for over a century.  A major reason was because spiritualism was believed to validate that we have a soul, thus combatting Darwinism that

2015-06-03 Is she here:

We can't know if those who have passed may have something to tell us. It is possible, but thinking they have a message avoids the reality of death.  We can remember them and trust the eternal hope.  My

2015-06-03 Is she here:

What is your question? If you're asking about telling your grandmother that you love her, you can always do that.          

2014-07-16 Is this my crazy imagination?:

What you describe may be similar to something like "shadow people" phenomenon.  I'd not presume that it is anything supernatural(not right away, anyway).  Sometimes I have seen "dark" things out of the

2013-11-15 Strange experience:

My primary reaction to your situation is how you can feel that you are in love with someone you have never met. From personal experience, it is possible to feel very close to someone in a "distance" relationship


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