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I am a Laser Eye Surgeon specializing in LASIK-Excimer Laser to remove glasses permanently, Phacoemulsification-No stitch surgery to remove Cataract and insertion of Intraocular Lens, Glaucoma, Squint Surgeries, Laser for retina for hypertension and diabetes

Experience in the area

Practicing since more than 27 years now and conducted thousands of surgeries for LASIK (waveguide), Cataract,Phacoemulsification, Glaucoma and Squint in anterior segment of the eye


DR MANNU LASER EYE SURGERIES At 1st Floor Saraswati Society Plot 433 TPS3 Khar(West) Bombay 400052 India,Tel: 91-22-26006801-26004467&26007828 Mobile:91-9821032072 Bombay Ophthalmological Association, Maharashtra Ophthalmology Association All India Ophthalmology Association Glaucoma society of India Eye Trauma association of India


M.B.B.S, D.O.M.S, , M.S.(Ophthalmology)

What do you like about this subject?

My ability to perform with this 21 st Century technology and give almost perfect vision to patients with diminished vision gives me the immense fullfilment and satisfaction and one look into the patients eyes after surgery tells you all and their smiles fills my heart with compassion, warmth and emotional well being

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

My aim is to give humans " EAGLE VISION " in future

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The Excimer laser technology with Multisided hinge flap with Scwind pendular keratome and Scwind Laser machine which i use as of today are the best in LASIK procedureS and also PHACOEMULSIFICATION for cataract removal and insertion of intraocular lens works wonders and this is the technology of 21 st CENTURY

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The previous procedures done earlier ofcourse which has been given up almost all over the world was RADIAL KERATOTOMY OR R.K.which caused lot of scars on the cornea and infact lot of my patients who had got R.K. done are coming back to me for LASIK and that is the reason more so i have lot of experience in post R.K.-LASIK-LASEK also

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Dave12/05/15101010Thank you very much....

Recent Answers from Dr Mannu C Rajnani

2016-03-16 Crayo therapy:

Dear GHANSHYAM    Thank you for asking query  YES since your eye doctor has advised obviously there is some retina issue which may cause problems in future so it is definitely advisable to undergo cryo

2016-03-05 lasik is possible for my high power:

Dear DIXIT    Thank you for asking this query  Yes Since you say you have higher powers  It is mandTory that once you come for check up  And once we have all your parameters in hand  Simce there are too

2016-02-23 lasik is possible for my high power:

Dear DIXIT    Thank you for asking query  YES it is possible to remove such high number too with the latest Excimer and FEMTO lasik laser i have  but for that we need to do complete eye check up and once

2016-01-10 Central Serous Retinopathy(CSR):

Dear Kalyan    Thank you for asking query  Laser / PDT  does help to certain extent but dont expect dramatic improvement  Yes ofcourse laser will cause scarring in retina wherever there are laser shots

2015-11-14 -16spherical -5.5 cylindrical in left and -11spherical and -3 in right can lasik is possible:

Dear DIXIT    Thank you for asking query    YES with the technology i hve i can remove this   Kind of number but if you can come for prelimnery  Check up with prior appointment i can definitely  Take care


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