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How Congress works, how to influence Congress, how Congress can be improved, how state legislatures work, how to influence state legislatures, how the Massachusetts legislature works, how to influence the Massachusetts legislature, why the presidential debates are unfair, how to improve the presidential debates, why the US electoral system is unfair, how to improve the US electoral system, how to end the two-party monopoly

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Political activist for 40 years, currently working on the Ralph Nader presidential campaign. Professor of political science for 26 years.


American Association of Political Consultants, American Political Science Association, International Political Science Association, Caucus for a New Political Science, International Political Science Association, National Society for Experiential Education


Polity, Policy Studies Journal, Journal of Politics, Legislative Studies Journal, author of Unequal Struggle: Class, Gender, Race, and Power in the US Congress (Westview Press, 1994).


PhD Harvard University 1975
MA Harvard University 1973
BA with Honors University of Wisconsin 1964

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2016-07-28 Congressional districts:

By law, members of the House of Representatives are elected from single-member districts. Thus the number of districts is equal to the number of representatives automatically.    The Constitution would

2016-02-24 The President's Supreme Court nominee...:

Dear James,    The short answer is "no." A member of Congress can be removed from office -- but only BY Congress, and that just is not going to happen in this case.    In addition, while one might well

2015-12-05 Non-germane congressional riders:

Dear Richard,    I'm sorry, but I don't think I can take this any further. If you read the Congressional Record, or look through the texts of various rules, you will find many instances where points of

2015-12-03 Non-germane congressional riders:

Dear Richard,    Like so much else, partly this is a matter of convention. The points of order that are waived are those about the bill -- whether it was introduced long enough in advance, whether it is

2015-12-03 Non-germane congressional riders:

Dear Richard,    I apologize for my delay in answering, I couldn't get to this yesterday.    As for your question, I can only give you a general answer -- I have not been following the budget debate in


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