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I can answer just about any question about U.S. Political history, Constitutional law, the legislative process, elections, etc. I enjoy Presidential and Congressional historical trivia, but can answer more substantive questions too.

Experience in the area

Former Staff member for a Congressman and Senator. I also worked on about 10 Congressional and Presidential campaigns (only one that won). For a short time, I worked in the legal department of the Federal Election Commission.    I have a B.A. in Political Science.


Former LBJ Fellow (paid fellowship for Congressional Staff).
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honorary Society).


Washington Post
Washington Times


J.D. University of Michigan
B.A. George Washington University (Poli. Sci. major).

Awards and Honors

LBJ Fellow
Truman Scholar

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Joyce03/27/17101010Awesome. Thanks for helping me.
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2017-03-26 Re: Questions:

1. Yes  5. Yes  6. Correct, there are many exceptions to the exclusionary rule.  7. Yes, the standards for a warrant are much lower than for court, but there must be some credible evidence.  9. Yes, that

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1. yes  2. Not really - Police generally do not provide a lawyer at questioning.  The ruling meant that police could not continue to question a suspect until that person had an opportunity to get a lawyer

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1. Suspects had always had a right to an attorney and not to answer questions that could be self incriminating.  What Miranda added was that police must explicitly advise suspects of these rights before

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Essentially, yes you have it right, Agencies have incentive to curry favor with interest groups through favorable regulations so that the interest groups will support the agency before Congress.  Interest


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