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I have recently found the results for the Congressional and Senate Elections dating back to 1788 and will be able to advise on the best way of finding out what a candidate`s views are

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2014-10-06 Presidential ability to control government:

I am not 100% sure that any president has had both House and Senate under their control for both terms. All I know is that the two term presidents since 1948 have been: Obama (2008 - 2016), Bush (2000

2013-03-01 Presidents of the United States.:

Rather unfortunately I have only experienced Presidents Reagan (1980 - 1988), Bush Senior (1988 - 1992), Clinton (1992 - 2000), Bush Junior (2000 - 2008) and Obama (2008 - present) but of those five I

2012-01-27 election war chests:

That is a very good question, and I shall admit that I am afraid I have no idea. My advice would be to send this question to me again and I shall send it to the Question Pool where I hope someone will

2010-08-17 Who is the guy in pic?:

It is not someone I recognise but as Wikipedia defines "Cyber Pirates" as : "It was the online hacking event highly popular in the computer world hosted by an Indian university wherwe the contestants had

2008-10-17 how to understand constitutional amendment language?:

You don't need to tell me! I was looking at the state ballots in some other states and came across one in NC that said "We want to invest $400 million in our drains" in about 80 words!!!    In your example


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