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Jean M Mahan


Mind games criminals play, how to spot lying, gang behavior, sex offenders, how to change criminal behavior, PTSD, sexual abusive victimization.

Experience in the area

12 years as Chief Psychologist in State Correctional Facility, Hostage negotiator, Mental Health Team Leader, Treatment provider for Sex Offenders and Sexual Abuse victims.


my wife jean m. mahan passed away 01 16 15 i have told this organization twice do not send any more emails she is dead.




M.A. Psychology, continuing ed comparible to Ph.D. Expert witness State and Federal Court in Substance Abuse, PTSD, and Sexual Offending.

Awards and Honors

Directors Award Excellence in Corrections. Excellence in Psychology Award. National Scholar.

Past/Present Clients

no current clients, retired.

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2013-01-20 Should I be cautious of this man?:

I am very sorry that it has taken so long to answer, my computer was broken and it has taken a while to buy another computer  and get it set up.    I was not disturbed much by the masturbation in the garden

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His behavior is not inconsistent. He is losing control over his behavior, hence, the big inappropriate hug in front of his wife. He is beginning to make outward advances where he is not going to be told

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Obviously he doesn't want to talk directly to that person. Since it is a female he avoids, my guess, and it is a guess without further information, is that he is very attracted to that person but doesn't

2012-04-25 Forensic and Criminology:

I don't know for certain. This may be a question that is best researched by looking at the curriculum at several colleges. The mentally ill are best studied through Forensic Psychology, and even better

2012-01-12 Criminology v.s. Forensic pyschology:

Great going into psychology. To tell the absolute truth I don't really know the diff between forensics and criminal psychology. I dumb lucked into the whole thing. However I will tell you that my work


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