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I can answer questions related to criminal and victim psychology, serial homicide, offender rehabilitation, sociopathy, sex crimes, , drug addiction and crime, and careers in criminal justice or Substance Abuse/Mental health care. I cannot and will not answer personal legal questions, or questions related to immediate personal safety.

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I have 18 years teaching undergraduate criminal justice and psychology courses, concurrent with 13 years of practice in psychotherapy, mostly seeing patients referred by the state Dept. of Corrections, or County (Youth) Court Diversion program


BA, Psychology MA, Counseling Psychology LADC ( Licensed Alcohol/Drug Counselor)

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Spyder01/03/17101010I have been aware that victims are .....
Marisol11/28/16101010Thank you!
Joey08/08/15Manupulating and corruption answer
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2016-11-27 Writer Creating a Fictional Murderer:

Marisol,     your are very welcome.if you need some background on sociopaths, aka antisocials, you may want to check out my book:

2016-11-23 Writer Creating a Fictional Murderer:

Hello Marisol    Sorry this has taken me so long to respond. I only rec'd the email from Allexperts this AM.     1) Your backstory is plausible. Sometimes, when people experience consecutive losses, such

2015-04-08 multiple facial stab wounds:

If this involves an Un-Sub (Unknown Subject), without knowing many details of the crime scene, it is hard to say, and I am limited to speculation. Even knowing details of the crime scene, it would be hard

2015-01-31 life crisis and psychology:

The first step is a thorough evaluation to determine the patient's diagnose, and develop a treatment plan to bring relief from suffering. Serious psychological problems need  to be ruled and or addressed

2015-01-31 life crisis and psychology:

Hello Andrew    I would not call a life crisis a psychological problem. Not all unpleasant emotions are indicative of a psychological disorder. A life crisis can refer to an event in life which causes


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