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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to or related to the fields of criminology and forensic psychology.

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Criminologist. Professor of Criminal Justice. Licensed Private Detective with expansive clientele base encompassing hundreds of cases. Donates resources and time to the Children's Rescue Network in Orlando, FL.


Associate of Science; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Science, Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

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Kelley09/01/16101010thank you so very much!
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2017-03-19 Sons criminal behavior:

Melissa,    The Aryan Circle is a prison gang which is predominantly white (Caucasian) in makeup.  It started in Houston, TX.  The Gang has been labeled as being white-supremacist.  It also has notoriety

2017-01-31 Relationships with inmates:

April.    The sad reality is that although your sister's heart is in the right place, the chances that her pen pals' hearts are most likely not.      For career criminals and inmates doing long stretches

2016-08-29 Criminal Profiling as a career:

Kelley,    The answer is yes.  You would advocate for the victim at the trial level to ensure that he or she is competent to testify at trial and you would be able to coach the victim as well so as to

2016-08-17 Plastic surgery of Thumb.:

Dear Prashant,    Yes.  The class and individual characteristics of the friction ridges can be changed through plastic surgery to a greater or lesser degree.  The new changes could possibly trigger a new

2014-02-09 Incest:

Christian,    The truth is that type of relationship becomes prevalent because it is tolerated.  The taboos are in place to ensure that bloodlines do not become stagnant, to minimize genetic problems with


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