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I can answer almost any question regarding abortion, such as health aspects, emotional aspects, and especially answering debate questions.

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I have written almost 10,000 posts over the last few years on this topic. I have a forum as well as a blog which also discuss abortion. forum http://alldrama.bigforumpro.com/index.htm blog http://wingnutwatch.typepad.com/wingnutwatch/


futureshock3 over 6000 posts http://www.prochoicetalk.com/message-board-forum/search.php?search_author=futureshock3 alldrama http://alldrama.bigforumpro.com/index.htm blog http://wingnutwatch.typepad.com/wingnutwatch/


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Biology, and am halfway through a Master's Degree, also in Biology. I have access to and read many of the top medical journals, from which I also get the best, most thorough and accurate to answers to pressing medical and health related questions. This equips me with factual, biological information to dispel many myths related to abortion.

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futureshock3 over 6000 posts http://www.prochoicetalk.com/message-board-forum/search.php?search_author=futureshock3

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2013-02-25 Attempted abortions:

I would have to read the specific language but in general when I have read similar things they have been lies, just as you have so astutely determined for yourself.  Abortions are only legal before viability

2009-12-16 Aborion:

Dear Angela,    I had a baby.  Pregnancy was torture.  I was nauseous and violently vomiting so badly my husband had to take a leave of absence from work to care for me.  I also had to be rushed to the

2009-12-09 Aborion:

Dear Angela,    I could never date a man with those beliefs.  Basically, and you already know this, but being anti-choice means you do not view women as being equally human.  You have to view women as

2009-11-29 effects of teenage abortions:

Dear Emily,    Here are your questions followed by my answers.     Do children brought up by parents, who gave birth in their teens, go down the same path as their parents or become troubled?    Not all

2009-11-19 Stupek amendment:

Dear Sandra,    You are correct, The Hyde Amendment bans the use of federal tax dollars from paying for abortion,i.e. through medicaid.      What is the Hyde Amendment?    Passed by Congress in 1976, the


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