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I can answer medical questions related to ending early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks). I have expertise in the abortion pill (RU486), the Aspiration Procedure (Manual Vacuum Aspiration) and surgical abortion. I can help you to understand the procedures, what to expect, possible complications. Please do not ask "private" questions so that other women can learn from your experience. Please tell me what country you are from so that I can better help you.

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I am a family doctor who is an expert in early abortion care. I have provided abortions for over 12 years.


National Abortion Federation American Association of Family Physicians


Harvard Medical School

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I am interested in making early abortion an ordinary subject of conversation. Most women end a pregnancy at one or more times in our lives, but we don't talk about it with each other. There are important developments in abortion including the aspiration procedure, and the abortion pill. Earlyabortion.com is an important resource to learn more.

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Most women have never heard of a simple procedure that can end early pregnancy quickly and safely up to 10 weeks. It is called the Aspiration Procedure, Manual Vacuum Aspiration, "mini-vac" or menstrual extraction. The procedure is considered nonsurgical, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. earlyabortionoptions.com is an excellent source for reviewing early abortion options.

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Recent Answers from Doctor Joan

2013-01-28 abortion:

These syptoms are due to the combination of the pills.  However, if you check a urine pregnancy test in 2 weeks, it should be negative.  If it is positive, you need to have an ultrasound.  You are suppose

2012-08-30 Post Abortion periods:

The first period can be heavy but usually is not of any concern.  We have our patients call to check for several reasons.  These include  making sure they do not have a new pregnancy,  using a contraceptive

2012-08-25 Symptoms normal?:

The symptoms you are having are all normal.  You should take Ibuprophen 800 mg every 6 hours for the cramping.  It will help with the cramping from the IUD.  Try taking a stool softener and increase your

2012-08-07 Abnormal bleeding:

No need to worry, This sounds like a normal bleeding pattern.  There is no need to worry about being Rh +. It does not increase your risk of any problems.  You should only worry if you develop fever, severe

2012-07-13 bleeding after medical abortion:

You are experiencing normal bleeding.  It can last up to 6 weeks but as long as 10 weeks.  Your normal period should come 6-8 weeks after you took the pills.  Only worry if you soak more than 1 pad or


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