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Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate


My expertise lies in Natural Equine Hoofcare. If you're looking for answers about your horse's natural hooves, I can help you. I am a professional hoofcare specialist dealing in the pathologies of the hoof i.e. Laminitis, Navicular, Whiteline Disease and others. I can answer your questions concerning pathologies of the hoof as well as "transitioning" your horse from shoes to barefoot. My emphasis is on the health of the hooves, overall.

Experience in the area

Over 40 years of life with horses. Trimming hooves since the 1980's and professional hoofcare since 2001. I am also a trainer/teacher of horses and have been licensed as an instructor in Massachusetts since 1994. I own and operate my own boarding and rehab facility. I also have developed, written and teach Natural Hoofcare courses, clinics and seminars to horselovers from all over the world. Am trained Veterinary Surgical Assistant and Technician for both small animals and Equine. ; Trainer for 30 years.


Past 4-H Founding Equine Leader over 10 years in FL and MA. State Director of the AMBA. Past Regional Director of PPLtd.


Contributing author to the 2001 Federal Mounted Border Patrol Equine Training Manual; Local and International Equine Publications; Contributing Editor Suite 101 Natural Horsemanship.


Specific to hoofcare: Mentored under Marjorie Smith. Clinics w/Pete Ramey. Individual studies of Jaime Jackson, Gene Ovnicek, Lyle Bergeleen, Dr. R. Bowker, Dr. C. Pollitt.

Past/Present Clients

Include local showmen as well as Eventers, Barrel Racers, Cutters, Hunter-Jumpers and Dressage. Pleasure Trail Riders and Rescues. Most clients are recovering/recovered pathological situations.

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Recent Answers from Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate

2013-06-14 Hoof distortion:

Hi there.  Well, let's see how I can best address this for you.     First, I've not seen what Pete is currently doing so can't comment on his 'trim' per se. The same for Dr. Bowker. And while the ELPO

2013-05-12 Thrush:

Hi Kimberly.  Thank you for asking!  In short, the answer is YES! In more detail, I feel strongly about not just treating 'symptoms' but in treating the WHOLE horse. This includes topical treatments directly

2012-09-06 horse with flat feet with thin sole:

Well, there are books written on the topic!  *LOL*  ... but suffice to say that the balance (or imbalance) of the hooves affects everything from the way the horse moves to the overall health, both outside

2012-09-06 horse with flat feet with thin sole:

Stumbling may be caused by long toes ... as for imbalanced, here is an illustrative article that may help you determine if your horse's hooves are imbalanced. Lots of 'landmarks' to which to assess on

2012-09-01 horse with flat feet with thin sole:

Hi there. No, it's not possible to tell from this shot about thin soles or not. But I will say he is imbalanced and the peeling, flaking of the hoof wall indicates a deficiency in the diet.  That needs


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