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I can answer questions for horse owners who would like to have their horses go barefoot (without shoes) and can also answer questions related to hoof care.

Experience in the area

Barefoot trimmer since 2003, rehabilitation of problem feet, transition of horses from shoes to barefoot, work with horse owners to make the appropriate decision re: shoes or no shoes, train horse owner to perform basic hoof care between trims.


MS and PhD. in Biology, Horse owner, extensive continuing education in hoof care and trimming.

Past/Present Clients

Thoroughbreds, quarterhorses, arabians, gaited horses, one draft :-); current clients are trail horses, pleasure horses, geriatric horses with arthritis, pony club hunters, jumpers. All barefoot and maintained to be best at their intended use without shoes.

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Recent Answers from Christine Sizemore

2011-07-28 Barefoot Soreness:

Hi Natasha,  can you answer a few questions for me? When she suddenly became foot sore on stony ground, what else changed? Did the weather get wet or rainy during this time? When do you usually put the

2010-03-22 hooves:

Hello Deanna,   have you discussed this issue with your farrier? I am assuming that your little guy is being seen by a qualified farrier on a regular basis? Even horses who do not wear shoes, or are really

2009-09-07 White line:

Hi Denise, sorry!  Rasping the front of the hoof is frequently done to remove flares and is ok to do. That said, though, as goes for anything trimming related, excessive rasping, i.e. getting

2009-09-03 White line:

Hello Denise,  thanks for your question.  What you are referring to is "white line disease". "White line" is is the connection between the outer hoof wall and the plate that makes up the sole and shows

2009-08-28 thoroughbred hoove angles:

Hello Sarah,  thanks for your question. There is no one way to trim horses or breeds, etc. It all depends on the individual horse, the condition of the hooves and most importantly, the horse's overall


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