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Joepaul Meyers,C.J.F.


With over 40yrs. as a Certified Journeyman/Master Farrier, I have taught at the Univ.& Trade School levels. My specialty is Veterinary Farriery, Lameness and Therapeutic shoeing.

Experience in the area

***NOTE ABOVE*** I am currently working with over 20 Veterinarians in 4 states.


American Farriers Assoc.,Texas Pro. Farriers Assn.,Guild of Pro Farriers, Oklahoma Farriers Assn New Mexico Pro.Farriers Assn., Trout Unlimited, N.R.A.,Fly Fishers Federation.


1980-2004...American Farriers Journal, Central Tx. Q.H.News, Horse & Rider Magazine.


A.S.Degree/Animal Science//Metalurgy, A.F.A.Certified Journeyman Farrier,Guild of Pro Farriers/Registered Journeyman, B.W.F.A.Master Farrier, A.F.A. Clinician & Consultant.

Awards and Honors

Contributing journalist-Horse&Rider Magazine/2003-2004, Top Speaker award/AERA,1991, Farrier to Mexican/NationalTeam/Sydney,Australia/2000.

Past/Present Clients

Too numerous to mention...Refer to my Web-site:

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Iam PROUD that there is a "Forum" like this; so many people can get an "accurate answer" for their questions,and NOT be misled !! Even though my schedule is demanding, I enjoy helping the horse owners and maybe give them some "piece- of-mind"!!

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A.04/14/16101010Thanks Joepaul!

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2016-12-19 Swollen leg older horse:

HELLO KELLY...THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION...    Thank you for the thorough information !!  I have seen this with horses his age,  many times, ones who have had a performance career of some sorts; & Not

2016-04-20 farriery - job:

Hello Roberts...  After 4-5 yrs, a person who continues training, can make a comfortable living.  Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana & Oklahoma State Horseshoeing  School, Ardmore, Oklahoma are

2016-03-12 club footed horse - advisable to buy:

HELLO ROBERTS...THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUESTION...    NO..Absolutely not !!!  IF You were too radiograph that hoof, the distal phalanx/coffin  bone would be angled downward like a foundered horse.  THAT IS

2016-02-12 exercising a horse on tarmac road with synthetic shoes:

HELLO ROBERTS...THANKS FOR YOUR QUESTION...    It will not hurt the horse in any way,as long as the horse's hooves are  Not allow'd to get or stay in a wet condition.  Wet or softer hoof walls will seem

2016-01-05 protecting horse heels:

HELLO ROBERTS...    YOU Answered your own question !!!    I suggested Sunflower oil because of it's thinner viscosity.  YOU MUST read my answers and Limit your questions to what is pertinent to the subject


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