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Filipa Cruz Simões


I can help anyone who's interested to learn Portuguese, and I can also translate from English and Spanish to Portuguese, and vice-versa.

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I'm a native speaker of the language.


In High School.

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Jean-Luc 11/20/15101010Perfect, many thanks for the very clear .....
Simon02/03/08101010many thanks excellent
Simon01/18/08101010many thanks excellent
Ashley01/18/08101010Thank you so much!
Antonio05/10/07Obrigado, Filipa, for your encouragement and suggestion .....

Recent Answers from Filipa Cruz Simões

2016-02-19 Hyphens and grammer:

Hello Artur. Some of these sentences do need some improvement.     The first one should be: O casamento é apenas uma maneira de nos amarrarmos/amarrarmo-nos. You need to have the determinant "O" before

2015-11-19 porquê / porque:

Hello! There is a difference in pronunciation, yes. We pronounce the final "ê" in "porquê" a little heavier (kind of like "poorkay") because it is a question word. We ask "porquê?" and answer "porque"

2008-01-29 Programme:

Dear Simon,    "Boa estadia", or "Tenham uma boa estadia" are both fine. They're rather formal, though, so if you want to sound a bit more casual you can say "Gozem a vossa estadia" ("Enjoy your stay")

2008-01-12 Birthday Invitation:

Dear Ashley    Why don't you try it like this:    Festa de aniversário supresa!    Vamos festejar juntos os 29 anos do José!    Data: 16 de Fevereiro de 2008  Hora: 13h  Local: A nossa casa    If you need

2007-07-05 quote:

Dear anand    First of all I'm so sorry I took so long to answer your question. You see, my Internet connection was cut so I really couldn't access any websites 'till I replaced it.   Anyway, let's get


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