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I can answer questions about grammar and vocabulary. I can also translate brief paragraphs, not exceeding a few sentences.

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I'm a native speaker of Turkish language.


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Justin02/13/10101010Perfect, not as in a perfect answer .....

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2010-02-26 turkish writing/translation:

Hello Emili;    Actually it has been quite many years since Turks moved to the latin alphabet,  but the writing could possibly be in old Turkish. However, I am not familiar with that alphabet unfortunately

2010-02-12 Counting:

Hi Justin;    Actually I do not know any corresponding word in Turkish that is being used for this purpose.    However, when I was at the university theater club, we were saying    "1001", "1002", "1003"

2008-12-30 turkish idioms:

Hi;    In the following link there is a similar discussion about this idiom.    http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081127135138AACMmGt    But unfortunately it may be very difficult to find its

2008-11-13 about a sentence:

Hi Jada;    "Aynı tas, aynı hamam"     is a Turkish idiom.     It means that everything is just the same as it used to be,   nothing changed.    If we were to translate it directly, it would

2008-10-05 Turkish:

Hi Janie;    I think nobody in Turkey will be worried about the snakes or the wild life, but I write some phrases below:    "We are scientists" ==> "Biz bilim adamlariyiz"          <beez beeleem


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