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I will field all questions concerning current Turkish Language. I have a limited knowledge on classical / historical Turkish Language.

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MS, and Ph.D. in Engineering

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James01/19/1410Thank you Hasan. I think you got .....
Adil08/24/13101010Very helpful.
Simon05/04/13101010Many thanks, excellent.
Irfaan12/02/10101010Çok Şükür Hasanbey
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Recent Answers from Hasan Tezduyar

2016-10-18 A question about a word meaning:

kap is   https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=turkish%20kap%20translation%20to%20english  because of the word kabi complements the showing [gostermek] kap becomes

2016-10-17 A question about a word meaning:

John, the literal meaning is showing [gostermek] the content [kabi], if you send me the entire sentence, I may come closer to see how it is used in the sentence, and explain better. You are right it is

2014-01-18 What's her name?:

James,    Literal meaning of last leaf is SON [LAST IN TURKISH]  YAPRAK [ LEAF]  so it is SON YAPRAK  There is one good dictionary I use here is the link just to double check.   http://translation.babylon

2013-08-24 Can you translate this?:

Mr. Adil   Ben Palmerston North, Yeni Zelanda da yasayan emekli bir gazeteciyim.   Bu web sitesindeki tüm görüşler ya benim kendi, veya ilgili yazarlar tarafindan yazilmistir. Bu gorusler bu konuda

2013-05-03 ücretsiz keşif:

Simon,     Ucret(siz) :: cost  (free for this case or without)  kesif      :: explore, look for  In other words, you are free to go in the shop and look for a part, without paying the fee for looking for


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