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Wide abilities in translation, ranging from business and financial to love letters.

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My native tongue is English, but I am fluent in Turkish. I am an experienced published translator: books include The Story of Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delight (Filiz Yay). I am one of the joint owners of Greenhouse bookstore in Kadikoy, Istanbul, and have lived in Turkey since 1994. I am British, but also have Turkish citizenship. I am a popular volunteer translator on the website www.turkishclass.com.


Book review page every Sunday in one of Turkey's top English language newspapers (see Arts & Culture page in www.sundayszaman.com). Various adult and children's books translated from Turkish to English and published by Filiz Yay in Istanbul.


BSc in Actuarial Science from City University. I am a Turkish and UK qualified actuary, and lecture in Actuarial Science (in Turkish) to masters students at Bahcesehir University in Istanbul.

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Good morning my darling, thank you. I wish you a beuatiful day, too. Look after tourself my sweetheart. Last night you sent a message on the phone to me**. I was asleep, I just saw it. I wish you a very

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