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I can answer all the questions about Turkish HIstory and Language.I can speak 3 languages additional to Turkish.I can advise for travelling and give your good advices about the culture.

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A turkish citizen living outside of the country


I have lived and studied in Turkey

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Sandra11/09/09101010Thank you
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Vitali Y12/27/071010Thanks for Your response and help with .....

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2010-06-11 Hii:

Hi Margarita,  I do not translate personal messages, so that you know, it will not be done next time.    Here is your translation:    "I said 'come' to you, but you said that you could not come" (I really

2009-05-26 name in Turkish:

Hi Cynthia,  Can it be something like "Seytan"? It must sound something like "shaitan". it is a word in Turkish which means evil. Literally it is the name of Satan in Turkish. However, when someone is

2009-02-19 Basic Turkish conversation:

Hi Brittany,  I am sorry for my late answer, i think i have not received your message at the first hand. Turkish Language is very different than English (as you may have already realised)since Turkish

2008-11-14 What does it mean:

Hi Brandy,  "Guzel" means beautiful in Turkish Language. It does not sound so attractive when you read in English, but the pronunciation is different of course: the pronunciation of "u" in the word should

2008-08-09 Language:

Hi Lamia,  "Mervat" is not an original Turkish name, i am afraid. I have checked dictionaries and searched in the internet but the name comes originally from Egypt or Palestine. I think you had better


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