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I can answer most questions about covert police operations, and management of undercover police officers.

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Faith07/18/1210Thanks, was quite helpful
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Eric04/04/111010Thank you, This was very helpful.

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2012-12-07 how to become employed in covert and espionage:

Hello Delton,  I think the "AllEXPERTS" folks use the term espionage generically.  There are all kinds of activity that uses these type methods, from military (DIA) to CIA to Industrial Intell etc.  My

2012-07-18 Covert Ops:

Hello Faith,  I am reluctantly responding to this question, as what I will tell you, is not what you want to see.    You need to mature and learn more about the realities, versus the fictional areas of

2012-06-02 Covert Future:

Hello Scott,  Lots of variables associated to what you seek.    You need to start listing the agencies you have an interest in, by priority bases, or with consideration to any other issues you deem relevant

2012-05-24 Induction into Intelligence programs:

Hello Lauren,  My background is in police undercover operations.  CIA is not a law enforcement agency, and DIA is associated with military.  That said....some suggestions: study observations-perceptions-memory

2011-05-07 covert operations:

Hello Katie,  I admire your early interest in future work.  As you might have guessed, there is no standard template for undercover work, as if there were, we'd all know who they are...  So, it is not


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