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I am happy to answer questions regarding aromatherapy and its application on your home. I own and run the website

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Since 1995 I've been using aromatherapy and also researched about aromatherapy and essential oils for the past 5 years.


While I'm no medical expert my education comes from life experience.

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Recent Answers from Liani Widjaja

2011-06-22 Lavender/Chamomile:

Hi John,     Both lavender and chamomile essential oils are great for relaxation.     If you want to make a warm bath, you can combine 4 drops lavender, 4 drops bergamot and 2 drops clary sage. Drop the

2010-12-31 Essential oils-shelf life, fragrance duration:

Hi,    sorry for the late reply, I take my vacation and forget to let knows. Anyway, here are my answers:    -What if you add essential oils to something like sunscreen? Also how much should

2010-12-30 Essential oils-shelf life, fragrance duration:

Hi,    Here are my answer    1. Do salts help the fragrance stay? What is the difference in placing a bowl of scented salts vs. just the oil? I never used salt for freshener. so I am not sure if salts

2010-03-10 using essential oils for copd:

Hi Peggy,      For mucousy cough, here is the blend that I know:    4 drops tea tree  4 drops eucalyptus  2 drops peppermint.    mix these oils to 20 ml of sweet almond oil to make a chest rub. Apply half

2009-05-28 Reading and info resources:

Hello Richard,    Thank you for your questions.    If you want to find about alternative health, you can try It covers all about alternative health.    Other may


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