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I can answer questions about Homeopathy,Holistic Nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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I have experience in treating chronic health issues using Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition.




I have a B.H.M.S.(Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and surgery)degree from The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University. Certified in Holistic Nutrition Certified NLP practitioner

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Homeopathy is holistic, gentle and effective.

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Kaamini01/02/16101010Thanks for your prompt response Doctor.
Sam Cole12/30/15101010You are the best DOCTOR :D
Jose05/05/15101010Thanks you so much, I will see .....
Santaram Bhatraju04/03/151010Good and quick response

Recent Answers from Dr.R.Saravanan.

2015-08-16 ACL and PCL:

Dear Nandakumar, Since you are undergoing Homeopathic treatment, its better to give it a try.Follow the prescription and treatment course suggested by your Homeopath.  In addition to Homeopathy, you can

2015-08-15 memory power:

Dear Rizwan,  Take a nutritious diet with lots of fruits, greens, veggies,nuts and legumes.  Check your Vitamin B12 and D levels.And supplement if levels are low.    You can try the Homeopathic remedy

2012-07-15 eating food ,fasting etc:

Dear Mr.Kumar,  *The golden rule for eating is "Eat when you are hungry".There is no harm if you eat the right type of foods when you feel hungry.It doesnot matter if you eat 3 times or 5 times day, provided

2012-03-31 Eczema:

Dear Ms.Priya,  Welcome.If your child is allergic to milk, milk and milk products should be avoided.You should stop  all the snacks which may contain dairy products.(Biscuits, chocolates,ice cream and

2012-03-25 Eczema:

Dear Oriya,  Eczema may need prolonged treatment.Please continue the treatment as suggested by your Homeopath.Also discuss with your Homeopath about using LM scale of potency to avoid unwanted aggravation


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