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I can answer all questions regarding treatment of mental, emotional, and physical diseases by homeopathy.

Experience in the area

I have treated a variety of patients, like acute and chronic cases, cardiac patients, cases of advanced pathology, and psychiatric patients.


I have self published six books on homeopathy.


Government recognized Diploma in homeopathy, D.H.M.S. and I am a registered homeopathic practitioner.

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khan06/25/1610Very good organisation for health
Ahmed05/06/16101010Best explained
Aamir04/04/16101010Sir could you advise me any classical .....

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2017-02-14 Hair baldness due to stress:

Dear Adnan you are welcome    First of all I would like to tell you that the basic principle for the administration of homeopathic remedies is “minimum dose”, especially in case of high potencies. Every

2016-12-26 No period:

Dear Miriam you are welcome    I am a homeopath and the best natural way I can suggest is to get homeopathic treatment from a classical homeopath. Classical homeopath will prescribe you a single homeopathic

2016-12-08 Parkinson plus disease treatment:

Dear Kumar, you are welcome    You have asked about the cure or effective homeopathic treatment of Parkinson disease. To this, the simple answer is, that there is no specific homeopathic remedy for any

2016-11-02 Masturbation:

Dear Zeeshan you are welcome    You are having multiple health issues and general ill health, and your multiple health issues have no connection with your masturbation. All you need, is the proper treatment

2016-09-19 Dilution:

Dear Adeel you are welcome    I have never used the remedies made by the companies mentioned at number 3 and 4; therefore, I cannot say anything about these companies.    Up to my information, ‘Dr. Willmar


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