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I can answer any information type questions related to Homeopathy, Bach Flower Essences and Yoga Therapy. I often use all these modalities to address health issues in my practice. However it would not be possible for me to give a prescription based on such a limited interaction such as this forum.

Experience in the area

I have been studying homeopathy for over 2 decades and have been practicing it for more than 10 years. I have helped hundreds of people with all types of life problems.


Canadian Society of Homeopaths, Ontario Homeopathic Association


B.E.; D.Hom. (UK); D.H.H., HOM

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I have served clients from all over the world.

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Nagarajeswari N02/26/16101010Thats ok.Thanks.
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2016-12-02 Homeo Medicine for Worms:

Generally in homeopathy, medicine is not given without proper questioning and examining, but in case of worms in children, Cina-6, one dose a day can be tried for a few days (say a week. If it doesn't

2016-11-13 urology:

Dear Arup,    You should take proper homeopathic treatment from a qualified homeopath because mental/emotional symptoms as well as constitutional treatment is warranted in this case rather than symptoms

2016-09-12 Suicidal thoughts | Major Depression:

Dear Kapil,    This case should be taken seriously and you should see a good homeopath to get her proper treatment soon. There are several remedies for suicidal depression but a holistic case has to be

2016-02-23 Homosexual inclinations/ porn induced ED:

Hello,     There are many conditions which have been altered/treated with homeopathy which were labelled 'incurable' or 'normal' by allopathic medicine.     In homeopathy, There are many medicines that

2016-02-13 Indigestion and Irritable bowel:

Dear Rahul,    In my opinion this is not good homeopathy. The cardinal principals of homeopathy are:    1. Similimum (Correct remedy)  2. Single remedy  3. Lowest dose    using multiple remedies for a


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