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I am a Board Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Instructor. I am able to provide you with answers regarding hypnosis/hypnotherapy for smoking, weight loss, sports and memory improvement, etc. as well as it`s use in the treatment of various physical or emotional disorders and to help cope with medical conditions and/or surgery.

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I've been involved in hypnosis for over 25 years, have had a full-time practice since 1999. I am a board certified master hypnotist and certified instructor by The National Guild of Hypnotists. I am also a certified NLP practitioner by The National Federation of Nuero Linguistic Psychology and a Reiki Master.


National Guild of Hypnotists, International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, National Federation of Hypnotists Local 104 AFL-CIO & CLC


New Bedford Standard Times, Fall River Herald News, Journal of Hypnotism Magazine, WWW


BA-Roger Williams University, Basic-Advanced-Omni Hypnosis Training Center, Board Certfied Master Hypnosis and Certified Instructor-National Guild of Hypnotists Training Centers.

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SURESH10/29/15101010Thanks Doctor. Wish you speedy recovery.
H.09/12/14101010Very quick reply. Great answer.
Karen07/20/141010thank you

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2015-10-19 Hypnotheraphy:

No they are not the same. Hypnotherapy by a qualified hypnotist can be used to aid in the treatment and sometimes cure of a lot of illnesses and hab its. Past life therapy is possible and is a small part

2015-01-20 Stammering:

I am terribly sorry for the delay. I did answer your question previously but a computer error didn't post it. Yes hypnosis can help you with stammering, in fact that was one of my first clients. ( You

2013-09-20 Hypnotism and Autism:

I believe anyone of the following hypnotists in your state can help.    Stamford, CT --- David Weltman   /P 203.602.0501   dweltman@cfahypnosis.com   www.cfahypnosis.com      Canton, CT --- Lisa Zaccheo

2012-05-24 infomation:

Hello     Negative thinking brings about negative results, positive thinking brings about positive results. The subconscious mind processes negative thoughts and suggestions easily, while positive thoughts

2012-05-12 hypnotherapy:

Are you talking about self hypnosis or having someone hypnotize you? In either case just use your imagination finding a relaxing or safe place in your mind (beach, mountains, cabin in the woods, etc.)Using


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