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I can answer questions about which modalities are effective, and which are less effective, or outright quackery. I can answer questions about which modalities have a spiritual component, and explain why they do. I can advise Christians on which modalities they can practice without violating their faith. I can locate resources, that will help a person find a practitioner. I can help a person figure out what questions to ask of a practitioner, and what kind of practitioner to seek. I can also recommend internet resources for various health problems. I can discuss various martial arts, explain the theories behind them, and explain which require a spiritual component, and which rely on physical forces for their effectiveness. I have studied various religions for a number of years, and can talk about meditation techniques from a Christian point of view.

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I have experience as a patient with a number of alternative therapies. I have researched many of them, and know which ones are more effective than others. I particularly focus on which therapies would be compatible with the Christian faith. Some modalities have a spiritual component, which is not compatible. I have also practiced herbalism with my family and friends for a number of years. I have experienced various kinds of physical manipulation for dislocated joints and other similar problems, and I have trained in the martial arts, which is relevant to some therapies. Martial arts are also therapeutic. I have also been writing a book on the uses of Sonoran Desert herbs, which already has 900 pages. It is a review of information in the literature, coupled with some of my personal experience. I have done the research for this book in eight languages. I also have done strength training and weightlifting. I am familiar with some technique and nutrition.


I studied the use of Sonoran Desert herbs with Peter "Bigfoot" Busnack. I studied midwifery with Norman Casserley, aka Mister Midwife. Three of my children were born at home. I have a second degree black belt in taekwondo and have also played judo and studied Kem Scrima Do.

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