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I prefer not to answer questions about the death penalty, that is an area that is very debatable and far too varied. I prefer questions based on Alabama Law since laws vary from state to state. As for penalties about pending cases anyone can look those up on a search of the state code and courts vary from one to the other so penalties can also.

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I have over 10 years of experience in Law Enforcement ranging from patrol, evidence tech, investigations, Narcotics and have been an assistant Chief and Chief of a department.


APOSTC certified, State certified Evidence Tech, AACOP certified Chief of Police and numerous courses and training in all aspects of Law Enforcement

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2016-04-16 My friend:

Most law enforcement officers do not take domestic violence seriously. Ohio law is different than Alabama. We actually have a provision written in the state code that tells officers what they MUST do when

2016-04-14 My friend:

well, did he hit him is the first question

2015-12-14 Alabama drugs, forgery:

OK, has she ever been offered court ordered rehab? Did she now or ever have a prescription for the pills she had? How old is she now? Were the offenses before given youthful offender status? Has she ever

2015-12-14 Alabama drugs, forgery:

I need a little more information in order to help you but I will be glad to.   How old is your mom and has she ever been in any trouble before? Exactly what is she being charged with? I would really rather

2014-08-15 research question:

Yes, currently laws in Alabama for that type of situation would fall under Domestic violence. If you kick, push, shove, harass, annoy, alarm or subject a person to physical contact that is harassment.


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