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An adjudicated expert in most, if not all, federal/state criminal investigations. Also an adjudicated and CJA approved expert in federal post-conviction advocacy, sentencing mitigation and the federal prison system.

Experience in the area

27-years in both state and federal law enforcement.


Bachelor of Arts Degree and Graduate Studies at George Washington University. Graduate of the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy as well as both the Basic and Advanced Special Agent Courses at Quantico, VA.

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 Sherry-    The only piece equipment that we are aware of that could do what he was claiming is a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. We are unaware of any commercially available GPS device that could

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In principle, yes, this is correct. However, there is a lot of "wiggle room" for law enforcement if they can articulate that your "filming" was interfering with their official duties.     A good rule of

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Larry,    You should be commended for not wanting to touch her physically, but she needed to know that you were leaving with or without her consent. A lot of it has to do with demeanor and how you project

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Larry-    First and foremost, the situation you described is not a "hostage situation." Secondly, in Spain, a country known for its male dominance ("machismo") expected of their men, it would be highly


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