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I can answer questions regarding law enforcement ethics, use of force, and constitutional rights. I can also answer questions regarding the Texas penal code, Texas code of criminal procedure, and the Texas transportation code. I especially welcome questions regarding any police/citizen contact, i.e. jurisdiction, arrest, search and seizure, and ethics. I will also accept questions regarding Texas county jails such as, inmate rights and privileges, procedural, jail standards, and use of force. I prefer not to answer career related law enforcement questions.

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Former law enforcement officer in the state of Texas with many years experience as a detention officer in a large county jail, and as a sheriff's deputy on patrol.


Licensed Texas peace officer and detention officer. Over 1000 hours of continuing education.

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Recent Answers from Brock Savage

2017-04-05 Invasion of privacy:

Kim,    Just because something might be considered an "invasion of privacy," that does not mean a criminal law has been broken. When people are in a public place, in general they loose their expectation

2017-02-16 Query re statute:

Geoffrey,       The statute of limitations in Texas for misdemeanors is two years. For felonies it's 3 years, however, a good number of felonies have extended statute of limitations of 5, 7, and 10 years

2016-10-29 research:

James,       When responding to something like a domestic disturbance there are always at least two officers assigned to the call. We would always park a little ways away and walk up on foot to the house

2016-05-27 Trial by jury, rescheduled.:

J,          Good to hear from you again. However, I wish it was under better circumstances. The re-scheduling could be do to scheduling issues with the officer, i.e. vacation time, another more important

2016-01-14 THANK you.:

J,       Good to hear from you again. I'm glad you were able to get everything taken care of. You shouldn't have any regrets about just paying the ticket. It could have been a slam dunk and over in seconds


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