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If you are an author asking for help I will gladly assist. I do expect a reasonable donation using the Paypal icon. Please do NOT ask questions about potential jail sentences that you or your friends may receive in court. There is no way for me to know that. I am NOT a probation officer or a parole officer so questions about those subjects will be rejected. I am a police officer with 26 years experience. Can answer questions about crime, police procedure, investigations, criminal law, search and seizure, traffic offenses. Prefer not to answer questions on the death penalty. Please do not ask homework questions. Remember this. The law in every state is different so questions about laws that are specific to your state could be difficult to answer. I also cannot give you legal advice on what to do or not to do in court. I have worked with authors in the past and will be happy to review scenarios or plots with authors to check for believability or accuracy.

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Police officer with 26 years experience. Ten years in patrol and sixteen years in the detective bureau investigating every type of crime including murder, rape, robbery, theft, fraud, missing persons, etc, etc. Also taught at the police academy in areas such as constitutional law, search and seizure, and lineups.


B.S. in Criminology from the University of Maryland.

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Tudy,    The search of a motor vehicle on the public highway is one of the exceptions to the search warrant requirement.  Apparently another agency informed CHP that you had drugs in the car so that added

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There are no nationwide "rules" for people using cameras.  It's more of a matter of common sense.    It's completely different with TV shows like COPS or similar shows.  Those production companies have

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Is this a quote from an interview that you conducted with Mr. Burton?  If so what is your question?

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Police officers can enforce the law 24 hours a day because of their oath.  It's up to them whether they want to carry their gun and handcuffs when off-duty but they certainly can make arrests, give tickets

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Chris,    There is no standard way to write an internal affairs report.  Your department might do it one way while the county next to yours might do it another way.    Generally though I would suggest


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