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I can answer questions on British murders between 1850 and 1965, especially those that resulted in an execution. If it`s a well documented case I can give an answer quickly, otherwise it may take a little longer to research the case.

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Life long interest in classic British murders.

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2013-03-22 old story about a murder:

Hello Miranda.  I've not come across this incident before, so the best thing I can suggest is to contact the Potters Bar Society and see if anyone there has any information. I've found some vague references

2012-01-05 Toxicology:

Hello.  Vegetable poisoning is the general term given to poison extracted from plant matter ie morphine from opium poppies or digitalis from foxgloves, not an overdose of carrots! This distinguishes it

2012-01-05 Toxicology:

I assume your novel is set in modern times? If it's an historical novel then the detection of poison was far more difficult.   A body properly embalmed and sealed in a coffin will take a long time to fully

2011-10-07 A member list of a secret society?:

Hello Jason.  I doubt if there would have been a formal membership list as such, but there would probably have been some form of documentation listing active members and contacts etc. It would most likely

2011-01-27 Dr. Thomas Cream:

Hello Mike.  Google images has plenty of pictures of Dr Cream. There seems to be just two of him however so Google images has the same two reproduced many times in slightly differing forms.  There are


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