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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions relating to or related to the broad field of criminal justice.

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Criminologist. Professor of Criminal Justice. Licensed Private Detective with expansive clientele base encompassing hundreds of cases. Donates resources and time to the Children's Rescue Network in Orlando, FL.


Associate of Science; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Science, Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

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Jim09/16/16101010Thank you very much. Your advice is .....
Miss Wilson11/05/15101010Great advice! Thank you.
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amber09/09/15101010very VERY kind and helpful. nominated :)

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2016-09-15 speeding ticket:

Jim,    Contact the Officer by tracking down the police department general number and asking to leave him a message.  You could even ask for the Officer's departmental e-mail address and contact him through

2016-09-14 speeding ticket:

Jim,    It sounds like you were traveling through an area/region you don't normally go through.  It would not make sense to me that the citing Officer would dismiss the ticket at court.  My suggestion

2015-10-29 Traffic Ticket Question?:

Miss Wilson,    Sorry for delay.  No, most likely the Court will help you establish a payment plan in order to pay your fine.  That is a process which you must agree to in a formal acceptance.  I would

2015-10-13 Traffic Tickets:

Miss Susan,    It has been my experience that most Courts offer a payment plan for those who cannot pay all at once.  I would write to the Judge and explain to him/her that you are an inactive student

2015-09-07 what are mediating officers?:

Amber,    Your intuition is right on point.  A mediation officer is usually an attorney or attorneys who are versed in the law and are trying to work out a compromise between potential litigants so that


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