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I can answer any question at all on the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. I can only answer questions on the books, not the author, movie or any financial proceedings/takeovers instigated by Warner Bros.

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I used to work in a library, now work in a book shop, and have read the Harry Potter series cover to cover countless times.

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2007-07-30 Draco and the Elder Wand?:

Michelle,     The Elder Wand could only be taken and owned by someone who had defeated it's current master and taken it by force. It was Dumbledore's; when Draco raced up the stairs and appeared on the

2007-07-12 lily potter:

Hi Morgan,     There has been a lot of discussion about James Potter's youth and his looks; Lily, for hotly debated reasons, is not talked about or described nearly as much. She had long auburn hair and

2007-07-10 Harry Potter:

Khatta,     The problem with turning back time is that one can never, ever predict the consequences of doing so. This is going into quantum theory, but every action is thought to have possibilities arising

2007-07-09 Harry's Mother:

Steve,     Voldemort is a type of wizard who groups people into nasty little pigeonholes. In his fanatical eyes, 'Muggle' and 'Mudblood' are interchangeable, especially with the sting of himself being

2006-10-24 Harry Potter:

Tim,     Warner Bros. have held the rights to the films ever since the first one - it is they who have been making the films all along, so I shouldn't think this one will be too different to the others


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