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I can answer almost all questions regarding plot details and trivia in the books. I can also answer questions about the characters, their backgrounds, and information J. K. Rowling, the author, has posted about the books on her website. The only questions I can't answer are questions dealing with what happens in the next book, although I can point people in the right direction - namely sites like and, which have compiled lists of all the known facts about Book 7, and spoilers and speculation lists.

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I have read all of the books repeatedly, and have read through most of the larger Harry Potter fansites for trivia and Book 7 information.

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k.c.07/20/07101010thank u!
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2007-07-17 Harry Potter Question:

Godric's Hollow is the village somewhere in the UK where Harry's parents lived (and were murdered by Voldemort). It's only been briefly mentioned in the books, so no one is exactly sure where it is. Harry

2007-07-10 Harry Potter:

1. Technically, he wasn't supposed to use it against the Ministry. He wouldn't have been able to if Hermione hadn't been granted the Time Turner, and because no one knew that they had been there, they

2007-07-09 Harry Potter:

Well, there is no exact answer for this, although it has been a topic of debate among the fans for a while. Most people agree that one major reason Dumbledore (or anyone else) doesn't use the Time Turner

2007-07-09 Harry's Mother:

Lord Voldemort calling Lily a "filthy Muggle" is just another way of him showing how bigoted he is. To him, and other wizards like him, Muggle-born witches and wizards aren't any better than Muggles. J

2007-02-06 Harry Potter's dormitory:

This is a question that's seen a lot of debate over the years. Originally, J. K. Rowling planned 40 characters in Harry's year (from all Houses) that she knew a lot about - 40 characters that she already


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