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2008-02-24 harry potter:

what has been shown in the movie is different from what's in the book. in the book, sirius black falls through the veil while fighting, on his own whereas in the movie the spell cast by bellatrix hits

2008-02-17 harry potter:

the dementors that attack harry were actually ordered by umbridge who wanted to defame harry, because she knew the ministry would never believe harry about dementors being there that night. also harry

2008-02-15 harry potter:

hi loukas...    voldemort is the descendent of salzaar slytherin (and the last one that we know of). voldemort has inherited his ability to speak to snakes from his ancestor who was also a parseltongue

2008-02-13 harry potter:

that's because a prophecy has been made... if u read the books you will understand the entire scene. to put it briefly, the prophecy says that either of the two will die and one has to kill the other.


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