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Recent Answers from Mark Gardiner

2017-01-31 Ibanez JTK1 Electric Guitar:

The price you ask and the price you may receive are more often than not determined by local factors and current market conditions.    Realistically, if you need money for another project then a quick sale

2016-08-15 Buzz noise caused by a fridge motor:

This is a common if not always easy problem to solve, but I have attached some links so that you can immerse yourself in the scenario and then make a calculated decision on how you want to tackle the solution

2016-05-07 Stomp Boxes:

Yes, don't be fooled by the terms/names given to a lot of pedals as they are meant to evoke an association in the purchaser/player! The pedals I suggested will enhance the TONE - not unnecessarily increase

2016-05-05 Stomp Boxes:

Well being a longtime Strat owner of models old and new, I can equate with this Q.    In short, you will never get the degree of 'thunder' from a Strats single coil pickups as you would from humbuckers

2016-01-24 Playing the electric unplugged:

Hahaha - Reminds me on when I was very little and electric guitars appeared first in stores like   FW Woolworths - would have been the first time I ever saw one. I would ask my Dad how they worked and


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