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I will answer general questions regarding freedom of speech, petition, or religion. My specialty is in cases involving public employment or education, as well as issues related to campaign finance. I can`t give specific legal advice involving specific cases you might have.

Experience in the area

As an attorney for the Center for Individual Rights, I worked on a number of free speech cases, including Rosenberger v. Univ. of Virginia, in which the Supreme Court upheld my clients' right to run a student newspaper without discrimination because of its religious content. I also worked on White v. Julian, which protected the right of people to protest against a homeless shelter in their neighborhood.

I also worked for the Federal Election Commission on several cases regarding the right to participate in the election process and engage in campaign related speech.


Former Attorney for Center for Individual Rights.


Washington Post
Washington Times


J.D. from Univ. of Michigan Law School

Awards and Honors

Truman Scholar

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2017-03-22 Re: Questions:

All decisions are always subject to further interpretation.  They are always being applied to different sets of facts.  If a lower court had a case where students were wearing black armbands to protest

2017-03-22 Re: Questions:

Tinker did seem to make clear that at least expression that was quiet, passive, non-disruptive and did not impinge on the rights of others would be protected, in that case wearing arm bands.  However,

2017-03-22 Re: Questions:

Gitlow and Schenk both allowed the punishment of speech deemed dangerous to society generally.  Both decisions leave a huge amount of discretion up to to the judge to determine what could be banned, so

2017-03-19 Freedom of speech and Donald Trump:

Hello,    While it certainly seems to be against the spirit of the First Amendment, there is a long tradition of allowing the Congress and President to reject entry into the US for reasons of ideology

2015-03-25 Copy Right materials and personal release in ART:

Hello,    You raise some good questions.  At the outset, I have to say that I cannot provide legal advice in this forum.  I am happy to share my thoughts with you, but before acting on anything I say here


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