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I would welcome the opportunity to answer questions related to or relating to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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Criminologist. Professor of Criminal Justice. Licensed Private Detective with expansive clientele base encompassing hundreds of cases. Donates resources and time to the Children's Rescue Network in Orlando, FL.


Associate of Science; Bachelor of Arts; Master of Science, Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree.

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Recent Answers from Jeffrey Hauck

2017-03-19 Free speech and the President:

Jennifer,    Hello.  That is a strange story in your local paper.  I have never heard of nor have found any incident that supports what you have heard.  However, you are correct that personal like or dislike

2014-09-24 Pornography and the first ammendment:

Margery,    It is true that there is a legitimate adult entertainment industry serving our Nation and the world.  Citizens can order adult movies in their homes in some areas and can shop at adult entertainment

2014-08-02 Video recording in public:

Cole,    Filming in public is usually fine.  If it is public it is public.  Public activities that people are engaging in is fine like walking down the street or filming in a public park.  You cannot film

2013-02-14 The federal government restricting freedom of speech in the Newspapers:

Nick,    The Federal Government certainly retains the right to restrict access to the cave.  The confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure agreement required to enter the cave is simply the price you

2012-09-02 Censorship:

David,    Yes, there are some justifications for censorship.  That would require a huge response outside the purview of this forum though.  National security, the safety and protection of the sensibilities


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