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J.M.J. West


I can answer most questions regarding historical Christianity and most of it's sects and divisions from a Catholic perspective. As such, I can offer insight into some of the flaws inherent to the doctrines professed by many of my Protestant brothers and sisters, but I can do so CHARITABLY and while simultaneously acknowledging the vast amounts of truth and goodness inherent within the various denominations. I am knowledgeable in the areas of scripture, history, tradition and philosophy, and I possess a rudimentary understanding of the Latin, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek languages.

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I am a revert (convert) to the Catholic/Christian faith from Agnosticism. I am currently the Director of RCIA and College Catechist for a large and prominent Catholic college in the MidWest; I also serve as the pastoral assistant to the director of mission and ministry.


BA, Philosophy; BA, History

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