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I can answer questions about Handguns, Rifles, Ammunition, the Firearms Industry, the "gunzine game," practical accessories for self-defense (CCW) handguns; rumor control on firearms myths, errata on the "gunshop grapevine."

I am NOT an Attorney, and nothing I provide here should be relied upon as legal advice. Therefore, please do NOT make inquiries about Criminal Justice issues... this is the Second Amendment topic.

Nor do I do "Private Consultations." Want to made it "private," retain an attorney.

Experience in the area

25 years practical and competitive hangunning; 26 years in the firearms industry; 15 years writing for the gunzines, including 4 years as Industry Editor for The New Gun Week; maintainer of www.thegunzone.com.


Life Member, NRA


Guns Magazine, Combat Handguns, Petersen's Handguns, American Handgunner, The New Gun Week, Gun & Shooter, American Handgunner, Shooting Industry, American Firearms Industry, Machine Gun News, Practical Shooting International, Law Enforcement Techology, Police Product News, The American Guardian, The Shotgun News, Visier (Germany) and various DBI Books.


BA in English Graduate Lethal Force Institute Graduate Gunsite Graduate Defensive Training Institute

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2017-03-14 In Pennsylvania is it legal to own a pistol with a felon in the household:

While I am not an attorney and cannot comment on specific legal issues, especially those outside my own state of NY, I will note that this issue came up with well-known convicted felon (and Prohibited

2015-11-13 2nd Amendment Wording:

This is less a firearms-related question than one of language, but an easy one that you could have doped out for yourself.    The Second Amendment reads:    "<b>A well regulated militia being necessary

2015-10-10 gun permit:

No, absolutely not!    There probably is an administrative fee imposed by your local authority, but Tennessee is a very enlightened state in respect to citizens in good standing being able to possess

2014-03-08 NY Pisol Permit:

Stephen, this is well outside the parameters of this topic as it is in no way related to the Second Amendment.    That said... and keeping in mind that I am NOT an attorney so what I am about to convey

2014-02-09 CCW:

A] You're seeking legal advice. As I've clearly stated, I'm not an attorney.    B] Since you've already, the best I can decipher from your message, "applied for one," you're probably only asking whatever


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