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Rabbi Ari Shishler

South Africa

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I'm happy to answer questions on Jewish belief, Jewish spirituality & Kabbalah.

Experience in the area

Rabbi, lecturer on Talmud and Jewish spirituality at Chabad House, Johannesburg, South Africa 1997-present. Talmud teacher at local Jewish high school 1996- present.


Chabad Lubavitch.


Monthly column in Jewish Life magazine, South Africa. Jewish Tradition, South Africa. Jewish Report, South Africa. South African Union of Jewish Students annual Holiday guide. Jewish Observer, South Africa. Nshei Chabad Newsletter, NY. Jewish Online Magazine.


Six years of tertiary education at Rabbinical seminaries in South Africa, Israel and New York.

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Kabbalah is transcendent, yet pervasive.

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Most of the Kabbalah you'll come across is not the real thing.

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Recent Answers from Rabbi Ari Shishler

2016-10-06 Dybukks and Ancestor Worshipers:

Hi Tj    You need to distinguish between a dybbuk, which is a lost soul that may temporarily attach to a living person, and evil spirits that could interfere with someone's life.     What you describe

2016-10-04 Is this blashpemy or is this in honor of G-d?:

Hi Kyle    A name is a very powerful and personal reflection of your identity.     In the Jewish world, you don't take on a Hebrew name on your own. Let us assume that you would undergo a full Jewish conversion

2016-06-02 Daniel 7:

Hi Vivek    Kabbalah is based primarily on interpretations of Scriptures. However, Kabbalah is deep, complex and subtle, which means that to understand it, you need to have years of experience and prior

2015-08-08 multiple religions:

Hi Jennifer    What an interesting question!     We do know that there are different soul groups, as you have mentioned, and that each group gravitates to a certain kind of religious approach.     Kabbalah

2015-07-01 sin:

Hi Jennifer    As you can well imagine, there is a great amount of information in Kabbalah about sin and the recovery from sin.     In a nutshell, sin is a) a blemish on the soul and b) an interference


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