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confused buying with confidence from dealer or private...consumer fears...paying to much...getting a lemon...accident car...fair value for trade...negotiation simply want a fair deal... YOU MAY QUICKLY FIND ANSWERS YOU'RE LOOKING FOR AT MY WEBSITE IF NOT I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS.

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over 35 years in automotive industry, management, retail, wholesale, appraisals, auctions, vintage


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Having the professional experience to answer all questions...

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today you simply type a few keywords into your search engine and thousand of links are at your fingertips with advice, but little has changed dealerships still have the upperhand and profit more than ever...WHY... Whats the point having all the answers in front of you if you dont follow the proper steps

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unless your a professional with many years experience in this business...don't think your in the know ...because your angle is covered

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have a trade ?...visit 3 Dealerships...and i guarantee 3 different values on your trade.......................................... Go shopping without the proper tools, and you will be a pigeon dealing with a shark

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Pat08/15/16101010Thank you.
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Recent Answers from ray paulsen

2016-08-14 Factory warranty on used cars:

I have answered over a thousand questions where many lead up to the same answer, yours is a new one, thank you.    If it bothers you, simply phone a franchise dealer of that make and submit to service

2016-06-07 'certified pre-owned' - worth it?:

Hi Mark,    You asked an interesting question being first of it's kind "" Thank You "" and your hooey is right on,,, you see a certified vehicle is all about safety, the tranny could fall out on the road

2016-04-13 Kia Rio:

Hi Jessica,    I suggest you google with questions  - cash for cars - cars for parts.and include your area.  Or simply phone a car wrecker in your area.    Have a Blessed day  From the computer of  Ray

2016-03-08 buying a car with carfax accident reported:

Hi David,    I cannot give you a fair market value without knowing the extend of damage.Your thoughts are valid if you wanted to trade down the road, getting hammered is putting it mildly, a dealership

2015-10-08 car shopping down south?:

Hi Mark,    Your question is by far not useless, it's a great question.  Have you been watching the news lately, all those beautiful cars floating around the streets in the Carolina's,,, yes, most will


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