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Did you recently have a baby and find it difficult to cope? Do you have a “fussy” baby that cries a lot, has sleeping difficulties or does not seem to settle in a routine? Do you feel overwhelmed from the challenges of being a mother? Are you sleep deprived, sad or feel lonely and misunderstood? As a clinical psychologist my main aim is to help you and your baby to get on well together, to establish a routine that suits both of you, and to find pleasure in your relationship.I can answer questions about postpartum depression,optimum baby development, baby life and mother-baby relationships. If you are interested about these subjects you could also visit my blog at : where I talk about psychological theory and practice related to early motherhood issues, relationships and family conflict.

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I am an experienced, qualified and licensed Clinical Psychologist who has worked for over 15 years in a variety of private and public sector environments in the UK and abroad, including hospital, community, mother-baby unit and nursery. My own career development included a great deal of travel, and this has given me a valuable insight into many cultures, customs and clinical practices. It has also helped me to develop an inclusive view of the world and a respect for the individuality and diversity of people’s views and beliefs. My work has been varied but currently it includes many hours of mother and baby counselling as well as working with establishing a good enough communication between couples and families considering separation or divorce.


Clinical Psychologist BA, MsPsy, HPC Registered I trained as Clinical Psychologist at the University Lyon 2, France, but have developed my own way of working with and understanding children and families, focusing in particular on mother-baby interaction, postnatal depression, bereavement, relationships and breakdown in communication between couples and families.

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